• hube #4


hube #4

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hube is an independent print journal that is published biannually. It is focused on art, fashion, science, technology, aesthetics, society, and philosophy. It was founded to create an interdisciplinary space for the evolution of progressive technological and artistic forms.

This Spring/Summer issue features some of the most mesmerizing masterminds of the ever-evolving worlds of fashion, art, poetry, cinema, design, architecture, photography, and music: David Lynch, Willem Dafoe, Tyler Mitchell, Es Devlin, Klara Kristalova, Felipe Oliveira, and more.

Rare creatives have the capacity to shape the world’s cultural landscape with remarkable frequency. In whatever situations these visionaries find themselves, they stand as a powerful force, leveraging their influence to effect positive change on a global scale—an achievement befitting true icons.

Paris, France; 220mm x 270mm; 350 pages

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