• Puss Puss #19
  • Puss Puss #19

Puss Puss Magazine

Puss Puss #19

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PUSS PUSS is a bi-annual magazine inspired by the spirit of independence. They explore culture, fashion and music through the lens of cat lovers. 

Issue #19 features:

Sunita Williams – Jenna Lyons – Honey Dijon – Georgia May Jagger – Marina Abramović – Cindy Kimberly – Jourdan Dunn – Mia Regan – Maya Hawke and many more.

According to NASA, the James Webb space telescope may have discovered evidence of a sign of life on a faraway planet, named K2-18B; an iconic fashion house is designing spacesuits for the upcoming Artemis III mission to the moon in 2025, and our planet is pretty much fucked beyond repair, in so many ways. So maybe it’s time to leave this Earth for another universe, after we destroyed nearly everything here? Fashion, art and cinema have long been obsessed with science fiction and distant galaxies, so for this issue, we delved into the theme of outer space to take you on an interplanetary journey with people who have literally walked among the stars as well as others creating new worlds back on our planet.

With 384 pages and 10 covers the issue is our biggest to date, full of beautiful photography and talent! With this issue we’re also excited to reveal our new look to set the tone for our 10 year anniversary year!

London, UK; 254 x 305mm; 350+ pages

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