• Serviette #4


Serviette #4

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Serviette is a magazine about food: the people who grow and produce it, the distances we travel to eat it, and all the ways it’s tangled up with culture, science, history, and design.

Food is Absurd: In Issue 04, we’re exploring the ways food can be absurd, in all the joyful, incredible, and bizarre connotations of that word. We meet Ireland’s duelling potato chip mascots, separated by a border but not a name. We discover why there’s serious cash to be made in stolen cheese and why lab-grown meat won’t be the solution to our climate woes. We learn about one cranky man’s futile attempt to cancel pasta (in Italy!) and about the unexpected cake skills of Heather O’Neill’s tough-guy dad. And on a food crawl through some of L.A.’s finest Chinese restaurants, we stay safe from the dreaded dumpling squirt. You won’t want to miss this one—there’s lots more inside.

Toronto, Canada; 230mm x 310mm; 84 pages

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