• Pleasant Place #3: Compost

Pleasant Place

Pleasant Place #3: Compost

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Pleasant Place is a growing collection of publications about the art of gardening. Pleasant Place informs and inspires by offering both practical and in-depth information as well as unexpected approaches to everyday garden tasks and garden design. Through collaborations with experts and artists Pleasant Place caters both to those who grow gardens as well as those who imagine gardens.

In this issue:

  • I’m orange peels, I’m coffee grounds, I’m wisdom” – Marjory the Trash Heap tells the future
  • Compost: An introduction – what, why and how to compost, with illustrations by Noa Zuidervaart
  • Comfrey Cocktail – make your own Comfrey Feed
  • Worms are great and this is why – an ode to worms by Joline van Berkestijn with images by Jaap Schwerin 
  • What to do with a whole lot of poo – Ton Hilhorst and Savitri Groag from Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, about their compost-system that thrives on elephant poo
  • Digital Compost – composting in Minecraft, the biggest videogame in the world
  • A set of garden miniatures by Hanna Something (훗한나)

The cover and inside cover are by Lou-Lou van Staaveren and Guus Kaandorp and graphic design is by fanfare.

Stockport, United Kingdom; 38 pages; 180mm x 240mm

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