Issues is a magazine shop that carries hard-to-find, independent magazines from around the world. We celebrate the people and projects keeping print alive.

  • Shop

    Issues is a clubhouse, a gathering place for magazine lovers, and what we hope will be a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and a new generation of independent media in Canada.

    Our physical space was created in collaboration with our friends at CompanyCompany. It's home to our expertly curated collection of hard-to-find magazines from around the world. Visitors are encouraged to linger and to browse. To introduce themselves to our staff, many of them magazine lovers and makers themselves. They're there to guide you towards new and unconventional titles. They'll talk your ear off about their favourites too.

    The shop wouldn't have been possible without the help of the folks at MagCulture. Like them, we understand the care and attention that goes into making the publications we stock, and believe they deserve to be displayed with similar care.

    The same selection of magazines is available for world-wide shipping from our online shop.

  • Story

    Issues was founded by Nicola Hamilton, an award-winning editorial designer and art director.

    Why this? Why now? Because despite shrinking magazine stands and the ascendency of digital everything, Issues is here to prove that reports of print’s death are greatly exaggerated. A tactile medium that offers an entirely unique interplay of words and visuals, magazines can’t easily be replicated online. Around the corner and around the globe, editors, writers, artists, and designers are producing vital magazines that mine stories and visual inspiration from the worlds of art, fashion, food, sports, politics, pop culture, and beyond — they’ve just become a little harder to find.

    “Issues is a love letter to the people and projects keeping print alive,” says Hamilton. “The idea came from my own desire for a shop like this in Toronto. Somewhere I could go to pick up my favourites, but also to experience the thrill of stumbling on something new. I was searching for this imaginary place and no one was doing it — so here I am!”