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2023 Year In Review

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2023 Year in Review is a personal, annual tradition to illustrate a chronological pathway that charts the important events of each year, from important political moments to pop culture highlights. Each year in review features a reference to a specific style/period of art history as a way to visually archive the past year into the history books. 2023 references blue and white Chinese ceramics. By representing recent events in a style of the past we contemplate how they might one day be remembered. Visualizing calendar synaesthesia, the rectangular arrangement of the months is based on an individual mental picture of time.

About the artist: Paul Twa is a graphic designer, illustrator, and lettering artist born and raised in Edmonton, currently living in Toronto. With a keen interest in history, Paul enjoys studying the visual culture of the past as a way to inform the work he is making today; blending the magic of maximalism with research and intention.

By Paul Twa; 2023; 215.9x279.4mm; 1 page; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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