• 2024 Twenty-Four Solar Terms
  • 2024 Twenty-Four Solar Terms

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2024 Twenty-Four Solar Terms

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2024 Twenty-Four Solar Terms is a series of four zines that illustrate the idea of Chinese 24 solar terms. Four zines divided up in four seasons, and each zine contains art from the six solar terms of the season. It's a way to celebrate the year, and a great way to learn about how ancient Chinese adapt their lifestyle based on the changing seasons. 

About the artist: Danny Wu is a brand-focused designer in Toronto, Canada who believes in the value of good design. Danny is passionate about anything that challenges perceptions and goes against the grain. Quiet when solving deep problems, but loud when talking about good design and type, he believes that people should pay more attention to each other, love what they do, and give a fuck about making the world more beautiful.

By Danny Wu; 2023; 254x190.5mm; 32 pages; Risograph + Digital Printing; Zine Shine 2024

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