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Angry Pixie Dream Girl

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Angry Pixie Dream Girl is my first attempt at printing my poetry as I have mostly performed my poetry live. It is a collection of 5 poems and 1 prose. I explore the irrational and validate the varying versions that come out to play in the midst of my rage, confusion, shame, and longing. These versions aren’t necessarily the most pretty or civilized, but in the poems they have the freedom to run around in the playground of my femininity. Here, the feminine, in all its glory and ugly, is allowed to exist without supression. Also, in all the poems, there is an overarching theme of one's awareness of time and age. The title is a spin on the film trope of the “manic pixie dream girl” which caters to the male gaze. In this collection, I write it from the female gaze. 

About the maker: Dina Lobo is one part poet and one part visual artist. In her work, she explores the complexities of thought and culture that inhabit the grey area (in all its vulnerability). As an all encompassing artist and writer, she aims to challenge the conventional forms of presenting poetry. 

By Dina Lobo; 2024; 127x203mm; 32 pages; Digital Print; Zine Shine 2024

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