• Anorak #65


Anorak #65

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The Happy Mag for Kids! Anorak is aimed at kids 6 through 12 years old. 

Are there superheroes amongst us that we pass by every day without even paying attention to them? There are! Millions of them quietly growing, full of resilience and beauty. What are they? PLANTS!

This new edition celebrates all of them, the spiky ones, the tall ones, the ones that burst through pavements, even the bug-eating ones. Join us for a fun trip around Plant Planet to discover how these unassuming superheroes are so important to our world.

Complete with activities, this issue is guaranteed to make all little creative minds learn, have fun and appreciate the world around us. 

London, UK; 210 x 260 mm; Printed on recycled paper using vegetable ink

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