• Architectural Record, March 2024

Architectural Record

Architectural Record, March 2024

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Founded in 1891, Architectural Record is the #1 source for news and information about architecture and design. The magazine offers news, commentary and criticism, architectural technology stories, and continuing education articles. 

In March, Architectural Record cranes its neck to survey a quartet of cloud-brushing projects: A twin-tower development in Dubai linked by a record-breaking cantilever, a new addition to the London skyline with a Jenga-esque form that preserves views of historic sites, a Tokyo high-rise with a transit hub at its base, and the first full-block skyscraper to rise on Manhattan’s Park Avenue in 50 years. Keeping with the tall building theme, March’s special lighting section showcases vertical illumination schemes. Back on terra firma, we profile decidedly less-lanky new projects in Mexico City, Stockholm, Uruguay, Quebec City, and southeast China, and return to Tokyo for March’s stuccoed House of the Month.

New York, USA; 230x275mm; 132 pages

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