• Azure, March/April 2024


Azure, March/April 2024

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AZURE is an award-winning, international magazine with a focus on contemporary architecture and design. They deliver bi-monthly coverage of architecture, interiors, product design, landscape design and urbanism. Through profiles of top architects and designers, stories about transformative projects, and trend news from major design fairs around the world, AZURE anticipates the future, provides invaluable insight and shines a spotlight on the issues, ideas and people that matter.

In this issue: 

 In Azure’s March/April 2024 print and digital editions, we explore new paradigms for community-led housing and elderly healthcare around the world, we tour an Indigenous-made cultural-economic initiative in Alberta and we sit down with emerging South African architect Sumayya Vally.

Toronto, Canada; 220mm x 260mm; 90 pages

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