• BlackFlash 39.3


BlackFlash 39.3

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BlackFlash Magazine is a platform for contemporary visual art. BlackFlash is dedicated to presenting critical opinions, urgent issues, and innovative ideas about divergent artistic practices from across Canada, the United States and beyond. Each issue includes feature articles, profiles, interviews, and artist projects from a diverse selection of artists, writers, and curators. 

In this issue: 

  • Our Winter 2023 issue considers the complexities of home and placemaking in the face of uncertainty. The issue’s editorial projects offer tools for inquiry, community and familial reconnection, self-expression, and the fight against erasure. While each project is self-contained and reflects the personal ethos of each contributor, there is dialogue that runs across the issue, resulting in themes and practices that reconsider and subvert our ideas of what makes a home.

Saskatoon, Canada; 275mm x 210mm; 64 pages

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