• Cake Zine #4: Tough Cookie

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Cake Zine #4: Tough Cookie

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Cake Zine is a hedonistic exploration of history, pop culture, literature, and art through dessert.

The fourth issue, Tough Cookiepresents a hearty batch of trials and triumphs all in the context of cookies. It's ninety-six pages of recipes, essays, illustrations, poems, fiction, and photographs include: 

  • A wartime dispatch from the Ukrainian bakery keeping the ovens alight and the frontline fueled by Felicity Spector
  • An interview with a Times Square Cookie Monster mascot trading selfies for tips by Katie Way
  • Sweet and surreal fiction by Catherine Lacey, Hilary Leichter, and Melissa Lozada-Oliva
  • An admiring salute to the cookiecutter shark by Sabrina Imbler
  • A feature on the coalition of international workers staffing the Canadian Oreo factory assembly line by Soobin Kim
  • Recipes for cookies tough in texture, technique, or tone by Abi Balingit, Briana Holt, Caroline Schiff, Chloe-Rose Crabtree, Paola Velez, and Yesenia Castañon
  • An ode to the psychic pleasures of wearing gourmand perfumes by Tracy Wan
  • Plus a dishy reflection on being the head chef at a powerful Wall Street bank in the eighties, a eulogy for the end of the browser cookie, using Lorna Doones as currency in the psych ward, and much more.

      New York; U.S.A.; 170mm x 240mm; 80 pages; biannual

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