• DADA #2
  • DADA #2

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With a focus on emerging contemporary Black artists living and working both in Africa and its diaspora, DADA's intention is to bridge the gap between visual art and youth culture, acting as a compass for a new generation of art enthusiasts.

DADA seeks to be a resource and an inspiration for anyone interested in Black artists. Young people particularly often feel that there is no space for them in the art world. The hope is that this publication demystifies the world of visual art and creates a community for Black artists, writers and contributors alike to thrive.

Issue 2 is centered around the idea of ‘ Multiplicity’. Bringing to the forefront Black artists who possess a multitude of identities, exploring the relationship between their multifacetedness and the complexities present in their practice.

Lagos, Nigeria and London, U.K.; 220mm x 280mm; October 2023

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