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Eaten #19

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EATEN is an independent print magazine focused on food history. The magazine was founded in 2017 and continues to publish three editions a year, each filled with a cornucopia of old recipes, enlightening gastronomic essays, and the fascinating and forgotten tales of the people who have grown, cooked, and enjoyed all things edible over the centuries.

In this issue: 

EATEN No. 19: Meat features all the juicy historical tales your carnivorous heart desires, from the saga of döner kebap in Berlin, a story of a meat-loving Indian king, and a biography of the world's oldest ham. (Winter 2024)

Contributors include: 

  • Victoria Flexner on the history of making meaty monsters in the medieval European kitchen 
  • Freda Muyambo on corned beef and colonialism in Ghana
  • Arabella Paulovich on chicken adobo and the farmworkers' movement
  • Percy Bysse Shelley on why you should definitely not be eating any meat at all 

London, England; 190x240mm; 125 pages

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