• Fare #14


Fare #14

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Fare explores the tastes, textures, and triumphs of a single city in each issue.

In this issue: Mexico City!

Sitting atop ancient ruins and once-vast lakes, today's Mexico City is both humming with history and hungry for change. As one of the world's largest cities, Mexico City is a universe unto itself, where art, history, and cuisine thrive on – literally – every corner.  From the buzzing labyrinth of the Centro Histórico to the canal-lined floating farms of Xochimilco, an oasis in the city where the last vestiges of the city’s ancient agriculture still thrive. Creativity abounds in Mexico City, from high-end kitchens to homestyle fondas; from artisan workshops to the colourful public markets.

Fare's talented local writers, photographers, and illustrators excitedly present Fare: Mexico City, Winter 2023.

Glasgow, UK;  170 x 240mm; 198 pages; Biannual

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