• Gather #4


Gather #4

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Gather Journal is a recipe-driven magazine dedicated to the idea of gathering: to dine, drink, harvest, and cook. Gather stopped publishing in 2018 after capturing our hearts and a whole whack of awards (including a James Beard Award!) We're lucky to have gotten our hands on collection of back issues!

In this issue:

For the Fall/Winter 2014 Cocoon issue Gather explores every incarnation of the word, from recipes that impart a warm, cozy, and, well, cocoon-like feeling, to those that visually mimic its wrapped and bundled form. We examine the idea of metamorphosis and renewal through the lens of food; we devote a chapter to all things delicate and silken; we pay homage to one specific comfort food; and we take a close, very close, look at butchery casings.

New York, United States; 192mmx240mm; 128 pages; Fall/Winter 2014

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