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herbs & vices #1

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It’s time to blur the lines between food and cannabis, and welcome the culture created by both. Introducing Issue 01 of Herbs & Vices, the UK’s first magazine dedicated to elevating the everyday for those who are high at heart.

From the Herbs & Vices team on Issue #1:

We spend a day with designers, edible-makers, musicians, cannabis growers and the like. ‘24 Hour High’ shines a light on those involved in building cannabis culture from the ground up, and those who use it as a tool to success.

Join us as we duck into Studio.SPF’s East-London studio; grab lunch with Pablo Chocobar; and explore after-hours with growers before dancing into the night, canna cocktails in hand.

It takes a community to better understand how food and cannabis work harmoniously. From sun-rise to sun-set (and sun-rise again), it’s time to embrace these 24 hours, dedicated to those with high taste.

London, U.K.; 230mm x 175mm; 75 pages

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