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Oh-So #7

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Rob Hewitt founded Oh-So after his daughter took an interest in skateboarding. When they went to buy her a skateboard, they notice that the selection was male-dominated, and she questioned why she couldn't find something she liked. Oh-So is a magazine that celebrates the global female skateboarding scene. 

In this issue: Celebrate! Like the rest of the world, we were very excited and very impressed with the introduction of the Street and Park Skateboarding course in Tokyo. This issue celebrates the journey it took some of these trailblazers to get there. We chat with, Gold Medalist Sakura Yosozumi, we also gain some wisdom from Aori Nishimura, Roos Zweetsloot, and Poppy Starr-Olsen among others. Lizzie Armanto gives us some amazing insight about her affinity for Scandinavian design and how she managed to infuse her own personality into her Finnish Kit! This issue is packed with inspiration!

New York, USA; 210 x 270mm; 88 pages; 2021

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