• Oof #12


Oof #12

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Oof is a magazine about art and football (or because we're in Canada, soccer). The artists featured peel back the layers of meaning in this obsessive sport, and help us make sense of something bigger and more ungraspable in the process.

In this issue: 

Maider López | Polder Cup | Michael Hanna | Taupe | Godfried Donkor | Richie Culver | Nicolas de Staël | England vs. Argentina

Can you use a kayak to beat a high press? Are footballers sacred? Could you have gone pro? Can a football fan really switch allegiance to a rival team? And, most importantly, what the hell is taupe? All these questions - and more, probably - are answered in issue twelve of OOF. We've got Godfried Donkor on the cover, and features on Michael Hanna, Nicolas de Staël, Maider López, Richie Culver, and the colour taupe. Plus, plus, PLUS... quite possibly the greatest football photo ever taken. Bish, bash and, most definitely, bosh.

London, UK; 160 x 240mm; 74 pages; Biannual; 2023

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