• Serviette #3


Serviette #3

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Serviette is a magazine about food: the people who grow and produce it, the distances we travel to eat it, and all the ways it’s tangled up with culture, science, history, and design.

Food is Preservation: In Issue 03, we talk about preservation. We revive lost traditions for making yogurt in the mountains of Bulgaria, search for new takes on stinky tofu in Taipei, and build a better carrot for the changing climate of the Pacific Northwest. We dig into the stubborn persistence of food aversions and learn how to pack flavour on a mission to Mars. And we ask a couple centenarians for their secrets to longevity (a daily shot of vodka does not hurt). You won’t want to miss this one—there’s lots more inside.

Toronto, Canada; 230mm x 310mm; 94 pages

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