• SOHO HOUSE - Autumn 2023

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SOHO HOUSE - Autumn 2023

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Soho House's new biannual magazine is crammed full of the latest House initiatives, exclusive photography and interviews with Soho House Award winners, and journalism from their global network of correspondents. It's for members and non-members alike, taking a deep dive into all the exclusive Soho-content one could ask for!

In this issue: 

Autumn is here, and with it a brand-new issue of Soho Housemagazine.

This September sees the 20th anniversary of Soho House opening in the US, and two of the four magazine covers are a celebration of our North American members. 

Captured at the original Soho House New York, as well as Miami Beach, the accompanying editorial also shines a spotlight on our members across Los Angeles, Austin, Nashville, Chicago, and Toronto.

London; U.K.; 220mm x 295mm; biannual; 96 pages

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