• Subsequence #06


Subsequence #06

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Subsequence is a semi-annual, bilingual publication, investigating a wide range of arts, crafts and culture. Spanning generations, genders and nationalities, this publication features a unique compilation of images and stories across 160 full colour pages.

Subsequence is based on the idea of unfolding new untold stories through individual perspectives. The aim is to reflect on the works of passionate craftsmen and artisans. 

In this issue: 

This is the Harmonious issue, and addresses the paradox of our time: despite more words and communication being shared between humans than ever before, more people than ever declare themselves lonely. It was borne of editor-in-chief Kosuke Ide’s experience of illness earleier this year.

Japan; 260mm x 372mm; 160 pages; Bilingual Japanese and English

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