• Oxford American, Fall 2023

Oxford American

Oxford American, Fall 2023

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A Magazine of the South”, Oxford American is a nonprofit quarterly which features the very best of Southern writing and highlights the vibrancy of the American South.

In this issue:

  • Featuring new work from award-winning culture reporter Jewel Wicker; a personal essay from Logan Scherer; an exploration of Debbie Allen’s long directorial career by Jessica Lynne; and meditations on films new and old, our 2023 Film Issue dives deep into the craft of production, the nuance of screenwriting, and what makes a film’s legacy live on. Guest Editor Tayler Montague—a filmmaker, writer, curator, and contributing editor at the OA—interviews director, screenwriter, and actress Kasi Lemmons, whose films includes the biopic Harriet (2019) and the now-classic Eve’s Bayou(1997). The interview includes never-before-seen ephemera from Lemmons’s filmmaking career. Elsewhere, longtime contributors (John Jeremiah Sullivan) and those who are new to our pages (photographer Rahim Fortune, National Book Award winner Justin Phillip Reed) weave narratives that reach into the past and revel in the present joy, beauty, and intricacies of Southern cinema.

Arkansas, United States; 213x273 mm, 96 pages

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