• Dirty Furniture #06

Dirty Furniture

Dirty Furniture #06

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Dirty Furniture is an independent design magazine that uncovers the relationship between people and the things they live with. Conceived as a finite printed series of six and showcasing design’s best writers and emerging talents, each issue takes a piece of furniture as its theme and uses it as a springboard to explore topics spanning politics, design, history, technology, psychology, manufacturing, art – and the plain weird.

In this issue: This issue's theme is the bed and it's the last in the series. On puff, India's sleep mafia, American futons, sleep in the space station, dream parliaments, the thermo bed, hypnagogic billboards, petates, chiffchaffs, napping at work, a sleepless village, talking to sheep, the Top Ten Human Dog Beds 2023 and a bed shaped like a ziggurat.

London, United Kingdom; 128x196mm; 206 pages

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