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Nipatur̂uq (roughly meaning "to have a loud voice" in Uummarmiutun) is an Inuvialuit-youth-led zine made by Inuvialuit (Western Arctic Inuit), Indigenous, and Northern youth from the Inuvialuit Settlement Region in the Arctic. It was started as a platform for Inuvialuit youth voices and perspectives. They are a past recipient of an Indigenous Youth Roots (previously Canadian Roots Exchange) grant and have published past issues on culture and history, climate change, and mental health. 

About the project: Nipatur̂uq was founded by two Inuvialuuk youth named Cassidy Lennie-Ipana and Mataya Gillis in 2019, who later expanded the team to include youth Inuvialuk illustrator Lexis McDonald. More info here or on Instagram

2021; 152x228mm; 28 pages; Digital Print, Saddle-Stitched; Zine Shine 2024

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