• Oof #13


Oof #13

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Oof is a magazine about art and football (or because we're in Canada, soccer). The artists featured peel back the layers of meaning in this obsessive sport, and help us make sense of something bigger and more ungraspable in the process.

In this issue: 

Unlucky for some, but if the number 13 was good enough for players like Eusebio, Maicon and no less than two separate Müllers, it's good enough for OOF. Issue 13 is packed full of our usual art & football bollocks: we've got art historical portraiture by Louis Bever, a riff on Manet and Mbappé by artist Henry Taylor, poultry-tastic paintings by Jack Hirons, ancestral worship by Gabriela González-Leal, the choreography of Arjen Robben's dives, the latest film by cover star Marianna Simnett, plus the most serious and comprehensive exploration of the artistic significance of football tops you'll ever read. Sounds like OOF, eh. 

London, UK; 160 x 240mm; 82 pages; Biannual; 2024

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