• Pleasant Place #5: Mien Ruys

Pleasant Place

Pleasant Place #5: Mien Ruys

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Pleasant Place is a growing collection of publications about the art of gardening. Pleasant Place informs and inspires by offering both practical and in-depth information as well as unexpected approaches to everyday garden tasks and garden design. Through collaborations with experts and artists Pleasant Place caters both to those who grow gardens as well as those who imagine gardens.

In this issue: Dutch landscape and garden architect Mien Ruys (1904–1999) was born into a horticultural family in Overijssel, where her father owned an internationally renowned plant nursery. Her immersion in planting and gardens from a young age contributed to a lifelong passion. Ruys received formal education as a garden designer and became actively involved in the modernist movement, in particular its unifying philosophy of good design for all. Along with names such as Piet Oudolf, she is considered a pioneer in the New Perennial Movement. This issue of ‘Pleasant Place’ is dedicated to her legacy, with extensive biographical information, garden designs, personal accounts, and more.

Stockport, United Kingdom; 36 pages; 180mm x 240mm

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