• The Paris Review #248

The Paris Review

The Paris Review #248

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The Paris Review is a literary magazine featuring original writing, art, and in-depth interviews with famous writers.

In this issue: 

Mary Robison on the Art of Fiction: “The first thing they’d say was ‘This is a nice story—where’s your novel?’ And I would just lie my head off. ‘Oh, it’s at home. It’s almost there!’”

Elaine Scarry on the Art of Nonfiction: “A lot of my troubles in life have come from taking literally what I should have understood as figurative.”

Prose by Peter Cornell, Rodolfo Enrique Fogwill, Renee Gladman, Nancy Lemann, Banu Mushtaq, K Patrick, and Anne Serre.

Poetry by Mosab Abu Toha, Diana Garza Islas, Homer, Douglas Kearney, Kim Hyesoon, Masaoka Shiki, Patty Nash, and Jana Prikryl. 

Art by Jeremy Frey, Lauren Halsey, and G. Peter Jemison.

New York, U.S.; Paris, France until 1973; 130mm x 210mm; 243 pages

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