• The Wire #484

The Wire

The Wire #484

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The Wire is an independent print magazine covering a wide range of global alternative, underground and experimental music. They've been publishing since 1982.

In this issue: 

    On the cover: Shellac: The US noise rock survivors are hard as rails on long awaited new album To All Trains. By Emily Pothast.


    • Arnold Dreyblatt: The Berlin based composer unwinds with the rich overtones of The Orchestra Of Excited Strings. By Peter Margasak;
    • Dreyblatt on disc: Peter Margasak selects choice recordings from the composer’s catalogue, from the early 1980s to the present day;
    • Robyn’s Rocket: Trumpeter, mentor and activist Robyn Steward nurtures an anything goes ethos at her inclusive events. By Clive Bell;
    • Zoh Amba: The US saxophonist has forged friendships with Chris Corsano and Farida Amadou in the fire of free music. By Stewart Smith;
    • Invisible Jukebox: Iceboy Violet: Can the Manchester MC/producer keep their cool when faced with The Wire’s mystery record collection? Tested by Claire Biddles.
    • Also inside this issue: Unlimited Editions Ipecac; Unofficial Channels: MusicRepublic & Moroccan Tape Stash; Global Ear: Berlin; Kalia Vandever; Antti Vauhkonen; Marion Cousin; Normil Hawaiians; The Inner Sleeve by Kai Fagaschinski; Epiphanies by Tashi Wada; 40 pages of reviews and much more.

    London, UK; 230mm x 280mm; 98 pages; June 2024

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