• Dapper Dan #29
  • Dapper Dan #29

Dapper Dan

Dapper Dan #29

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Dapper Dan is a men's fashion title which believes a man's style derives from his personality, rather than any ephemeral trend. It highlights boldness and bravery in fashion, backed by opinionated individuals who style themselves unapologetically. 

In this issue:

Issue 29 deals with Fear in all its forms. 

  • Angelo Flaccavento shares his personal struggle with the fear of writing; India Doyle muses on middle class monsters and the gory horror of aspiration in Saltburn; and Anastasio Koukoutas explores fear through the prism of colour.

  • Dries Van Noten talks to Matthew Hicks about preserving beauty while also accepting its inevitable destruction—and knowing when to move on. Turner Prize-winner Jesse Darling hijacks his interview with Kim Laidlaw to steer us through chaos. Artist Melanie Jame Wolf discusses outlaw behaviour with Luke Forbes, and musician Curses chats to Faye Fearon about the intoxicating sounds of the underground.

  • Our contributers also push our emotions to the limits. Fanny Latour Lambert and Chiara Ficcola transport us to the Sleepy Hollows, while Johan Sandberg and Mattias Karlsson take us on a nighttime escapade in Les Nocturnes. Yis Kid and Elena Psalti harness The Force, and Ferdi Sibbel conjures The Man Who Knew Too Much. Keeping us on the straight and narrow, Alvaro Beamud Cortés and Anastasia Barbieri guide us along La Ligne Droite. Plus, Clarke Shrager takes us on an exhilarating ride through the Wild West with a profile on Jacques Marie Mage.

Sutton, United Kingdom; 230x300mm; 300 pages

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