• Function Magazine #25
  • Function Magazine #25

Function Magazine

Function Magazine #25

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Function is a visual art and culture publication that is curated, designed, and produced by a team of 4th-year students at the School of Image Arts. Our magazine’s primary focus is the work of current students, faculty, and industry professionals working with lens-based media and engaging contemporary art discourse.

The magazine features two sides:

Side A: Where photography merges seamlessly with various artistic mediums to create a realm of boundless creativity. In this section, works are showcased that transcend traditional boundaries, inviting the viewer to explore the intersection of photography with painting, AI, collage, digital manipulation, and more.

Side B: Where traditional photography shines in its purest form. In this section, the timeless beauty and artistry of photography’s classic medium is celebrated. Each image offers a glimpse into life’s essence, showcasing masterful compositions and evocative storytelling. Honouring image-makers who use traditional photography to continue to inspire and captivate the world’s moments with timeless allure.

Toronto, Ontario; 150+ pages

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