• Kinfolk #52


Kinfolk #52

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Kinfolk discusses home, work, style and culture through a lens that emphasizes quality of life and strives to connect international creatives to form a global community. 

The Influence Issue 


For The Influence Issue, Kinfolk is exploring the powerful currents that shape our world and sway our decisions: power, money, politics—and other people. We meet Anna Sorokin, who, under her alias, Anna Delvey, manipulated a remarkable sum of money out of Manhattan’s elite. We also catch up with Kaitlin Phillips, the indie publicist whose job is to manufacture influence for her creative clients, and speak to fashion model Dennis Okwera, who, having escaped the brutality of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda as a child, has since returned to spearhead a philanthropic foundation to uplift his community.

Portland, Oregon; 225 x 295mm; 192 pages; Summer 2024

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