• Sociotype #3


Sociotype #3

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Sociotype is a design-led type foundry from London-based creative studio Socio. They make finely crafted retail and custom fonts for print and digital media.

Issue #3 of Sociotype Journal is themed "Home". What makes a home? Or a home away from home? And how does power (or a lack of it) change the concept and the reality of what ‘home’ means?

Join us for a top-down and bottom-up tour of domesticity, from geometrically pristine masterplanned utopias, to an altogether more DIY approach: unplanned and off-grid, into the margins, into ruin, and into hiding in plain sight. We’ll look at Potemkin villages and replica cities, McMansions and sham castles, cube farms and hot desks; spite fences, coffin homes, hippie communes, suburban malls, Cold War-era radar stations and more.

London, U.K.; 210mm x 270mm; 214 pages

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