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* as a Journal offers a fresh outlook on contemporary cultural movements and recognises the insightful contributions that artists, creators and researchers from Lithuania and beyond bring to topics of global concern.

Published twice a year, the title of * as a Journal, changes along with the theme of each issue and invites readers to immerse themselves in a single topic from a range of unexpected cultural perspectives. The content of each issue of the magazine is developed by guest editors with a special interest in the chosen topic and created by an international team of contributors.

In this issue: 

The issue explores the origins of otherness as a counterpoint to identity and will reflect on various meanings of Other: the other person as a source of moral responsibility in moral philosophy, the other as a threat in migration politics, the other as a non-human being (animal, but also alien), the other within the human body – both as an organism (viruses, bacteria, etc.) and a voice (demons, conscience, etc.). The issue’s guest editor Viktoras Bachmetjevas is a philosopher with an interest in ethics, and specifically the thoughts of Emmanuel Lévinas and Søren Kierkegaard. 

Vilnius, Lithuania; 210x280mm; 136 pages

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