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Pink Mince #17

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Pink Mince has been irregularly published since 2009 out of London, then New York, and now Portland, Oregon, by typeface designer Dan Rhatigan. Typically using a mix of writing, found imagery, collage, and original photography, each issue of Pink Mince focuses on a single topic, exploring the overlap of typography, queer history, kink, and pop culture.

Issue #17 — Amazing 3-Way! — is an interactive multicolor paper sculpture, a party game in a book, and/or a cheeky homage to language and design of adult magazines. 

About the maker: Dan Rhatigan is a type designer based Portland, OR, who has been publishing zines since he was in high school in New York City back in the 1980s.

By Dan Rhatigan; 2022; 140x216mm; 28 pages; Risograph; Zine Shine 2024

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