• Review of Journalism, Spring 2024

Review of Journalism

Review of Journalism, Spring 2024

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The Review of Journalism (RJ) is Canada’s original voice on media criticism. Our mission is to cast a discerning eye on the industry by questioning its faults and celebrating its successes. Deeply committed to analytical and fact-based original reporting, the RJ is the go-to source for journalists, communications specialists, academics, and other professionals seeking reliable media industry knowledge.

Founded in 1984, founder and former chair of the Toronto Metropolitan University School of Journalism Don Obe conceived of the magazine as Canada’s “watchdog on the watchdogs.” Obe believed that the RJ’s job was to probe the quality of journalism in Canada. After nearly four decades, we’re still on assignment.

The magazine, its website and podcast are produced by graduate and undergraduate students at Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Journalism in their final year, with the support of faculty and industry professionals. Reflecting widespread and rapid changes in the journalism industry, the RJ continues to evolve.

In this Spring 2024 issue:

  • Gaza calling: How Canadian outlets are censoring their own reporters
  • Photojournalists face fire
  • Greenbelt scandal
  • Indigenous movements
  • Cabin Radio rescues

Toronto, Ontario; 195mm x 260mm; Spring 2024; Commemorating 40 years of publishing!

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