• The Surfer’s Journal #33.3

The Surfers Journal

The Surfer’s Journal #33.3

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As a reader-supported, independent surf publication, The Surfer’s Journal is a truly unique periodical. They delve into topics that get little attention elsewhere, covering travel adventures, surfboard design, profiles of surfing’s most colorful subjects, and the choicest surf photography in every issue.

In this issue: 

On the cover: Artist Ralph Steadman’s surf demons, pulled from his and Hunter S. Thompson’s 1983 book The Curse of Lono. In this issue, we examine the duo’s gonzo aesthetic applied to Hawaii.

Other drops include a Noosa-raised champion’s wide-ranging skillset, photographer Larry “Flame” Moore’s deep cuts and greatest hits, and a conversation with an industrious DIY bodysurfer. We also flip through a well-traveled lensman’s scrapbook, view a Euro shooter’s idyllic images, and study responsible surf travel models that benefit locals. 

San Clemente, California, 227mm x 276mm, 128 pages

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