• Wild Alchemy Journal: Aether

Wild Alchemy Journal

Wild Alchemy Journal: Aether

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Wild Alchemy Journal is a multi-sensory print edition of art, text and smell with augmented audio-visual content exploring nature, science and esoterica. Each issue navigates one of the classical elements of earth, fire, water, air and aether. These fundamental forces provide the foundations from which to investigate how we place ourselves, and how we are placed, within our environment across the three perspective planes of physical-material, mental-emotional and spiritual-energetic. Our contributors are a global community at the intersection of plants, planets and people

In this issue: Aether

In a radical new format to honour aether, this issue is an augmented reality playable artwork, the first of its kind, which includes:

  • Giant 8910x6300mm double sided lithographic print
  • Cover artwork and animation by Reza Hasni
  • Reverse contains 72 journal pages as 72 augmented reality images linking to audio visual content accessed by the free Artvive app.
  • Unique web portal access to articles, interviews and long form content.
  • Playable fortune teller artwork by Daniel Martin Diaz including visual album by Trees Speak band, along with additional downloadable divination matrix that includes geometric dice, sigils and the I Ching.
  • Once you have completed your multi-dimensional journey, choose the final form your journal takes by either framing the print or transforming it into an original polyhedra sculpture using instructional folds to create  the five Platonic solids.

London, United Kingdom; 245x335mm; folds out to 8910x6300mm poster

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