• The Wire #483

The Wire

The Wire #483

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The Wire is an independent print magazine covering a wide range of global alternative, underground and experimental music. They've been publishing since 1982.

In this issue: 

  • Still House Plants: London’s post-post-punk trio use deconstructed songform to tap emotions others cannot reach. By Frances Morgan
  • FUJI|||||||||||TA: Pulling out the stops with homemade pipe organs. By Antonio Poscic
  • Cheer-Accident: Thymme Jones’s motley crew of Chicago outsiders flip the conventions of the rock band. By Peter Margasak
  • Lolina: One half of influential duo Hype Williams explores a comic book dystopia in new project Unrecognisable. By Claire Biddles
  • NikNak: The British musician turns the tables on sound art. By Tayyab Amin
  • Invisible Jukebox: Kristin Hersh: Will the songwriter and author find her muse in The Wire’s mystery record selection? Tested by Emily Pothast
  • Unlimited Editions: Tripalium Corp
  • Unofficial Channels: Billdifferen
  • Ana Lua Caiano: Portuguese tradition made anew by the musician and audiovisual artist. By Shane Woolman
  • BBBBBBB: The Japanese trio present their scum manifesto. By James Hadfield
  • Fatboi Sharif: The Garden State Gargoyle raps a dance of the macabre. By Joseph Stannard
  • Angelica Sanchez: A set of monster jams from the East Coast pianist. By Stewart Smith
  • The Inner Sleeve: Lee Gamble on Various Artists’ Decay Product
  • Epiphanies: Jlin maximises her creative potential with Philip Glass

London, UK; 230mm x 280mm; 98 pages; May 2024

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